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Sacramento Food Trucks & Diamond Plate - the easy way to satisfy a craving

Picture this, you are heading to a local concert but are running late and didn’t have time to grab food beforehand. You’re hoping there will be food at the venue because no one likes a rumbling stomach while you’re trying to enjoy a concert. You get there and there they are, a line of food trucks calling your name, each one with a delectable scent flowing through the air around it. You follow your eyes to the brightest green food truck you’ve ever seen, it’s called Kado’s Asian Grill. As you explore the menu you just can’t seem to decide what you want to eat until you see their special: Nachos! Your heart is filled with joy and your stomach is doing backflips with excitement. After ordering and waiting a couple minutes, you are handed a plate of the most delectable-looking Asian fusion nachos and within a couple short moments you taste buds are doing a dance of joy. You slowly come back to reality as you prepare to savor your last bite, then they are gone. You go off, enjoy your concert and will never forget those nachos.


Fast forward a week and a half later to lunchtime at work. You are trying to identify today’s craving and suddenly those nachos pop into your thoughts. Practically drooling over yourself, you take to the internet to see if Kado’s is anywhere close by. You search google, scroll through Facebook and find their weekly schedule. After searching the address they have listed for lunch, your heart drops to your stomach in disappointment because they are all the way in Davis today and there is no way you can make the lunch run happen. Driven by your desire to have these nachos just one more time, you search the addresses for Thursday and Friday only to find the same heartbreak, they are nowhere close. You follow their page and wait patiently for the next schedule to be posted in hopes you can track down the nachos which your heart so truly desires. But doesn’t this seem like a lot of work? The nachos were don’t get me wrong, but having to google every address and stalk a food truck just to get them again? That takes time and commitment. If only there were a way to get notifications when they were close by.


Let me tell you this really happened to me. I was the one at the concert. I was the one craving those nachos again. I was the one stalking Kado’s weekly for about a month before I was able to track them down for lunch. I mean, it did take me a while because I missed a couple days of checking their schedule here and there, life likes to keep me busy. But in reality, it’s because of experiences like this that Diamond Plate was created. It takes the stalking out of satisfying your food truck craving and also lets you explore what is nearby when your favorite is across town. They literally made it this easy:


  • Discover – Discover Food trucks in Sacramento, their exact location and a schedule of events where you can find them
  • Explore – Explore food truck menus ahead of time to find which trucks satisfy your inner food lover’s cravings
  • Eat – Chow down and let the world know what you think on one of Diamond Plate’s social media platforms!


The creators of Diamond Plate took the initiative to launch a local app for the Sacramento region to make finding your favorite food truck easier than ever. With the boom of the food truck industry hitting Sacramento over the last couple years, it’s hard to pick a favorite let alone always be able to track them down. Some of the best trucks can be found in the most unlikely places, they are at community events, parked on a side street downtown, in a random business park or right in front of your doctor’s office. Diamond Plate is here to help make sure you know exactly when and where to make a dash for a dish to satisfy even your most intense craving. This means, when you find those heavenly nachos at the concert, it’ll be 10 times easier to track them down again.  We cater to both Food Lovers and Food Truckers in the Sacramento Area, bringing ease to the exploration of new foods and the joy of finding them again and again. Our app strives to keep things simple, providing a list of all active food trucks in the area arranged in order of proximity to your current location. The list will update in real time as the trucks log their location in the app and set how long they will remain there so you will know exactly what time to take your lunch or make you dinner plans. Outside of the workweek, Diamond Plate comes in handy as well. There are so many things to do in Sacramento every day and now you can make your weekend plans based off of your favorite food truck! Diamond Plate comes with a complete calendar of events showing where each food truck will be. If you are like us and can’t always decide what to do this weekend with your friends or family. Let Diamond Plate lend a hand by showing you what’s going on in your part of town, you’re likely to find the perfect event and the perfect plate of food to go with it.


Every Monday, we will list the schedule for the upcoming work week, and on Friday the schedule for the weekend. Our goal is to keep you as up to date as possible on Sacramento food trucks, including news, scheduling and events. For extra insight to satisfy your craving and discover more amazing food, you can also check out the Diamond Plate Blog. Highlights will be shared when each schedule is posted and we will feature a local food truck twice a week.


So, go find that food truck that you love and eat your heart out! Or, find the next plate of food that will satisfy your heart’s deepest desire. Just do it with Diamond Plate, because no one has time to stalk a food truck.

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