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Cowtown Creamery Delivers an Ice Cream for the Ages

Every day we get up, go to work and come home. The days seem to blend together and before you know it, it’s September and the summer is gone. It’s the days you realize just how fast time is flying by that you feel the need to shake it up the most. I was having one of these days on Friday so a group from the office decided we needed to go out for lunch. We pulled up diamond plate and made the trek across Natomas because we discovered there were four food trucks posted up next to each other. We figured it was a good opportunity to shake things up!


We carpool over, and what a site for sore eyes. The smells that surrounded us when we got out of the car were amazing! There was Hefty Gyros, On the Fry, Teppanyaki 2 Go and the Cowtown Creamery trucks lined up and ready to go! We all checked out the menus and split up to order. All four trucks were paid a visit and there was a variety of food between the 8 of us. But me? I could feel that summer was slipping right through my fingers so what did I do? I had ice cream for lunch! Because obviously I’m and adult and can do as I please.


Let me tell you about my sweet tooth. It’s bigger than my head! I remember being that kid that would get in trouble for eating to much candy. All. The. Time. Growing up this craving for sweets never went away. So, Friday I decided to roll with it and eat some ice cream!


This was my first experience with the Cowtown Creamery. They were super friendly, made awesome suggestions and customized my cone for me! I opted for the Jersey Boy. A waffle cone, the inside lined with peanuts and fudge, filled with vanilla ice cream, and then it was covered in more peanuts and hardened chocolate. I chose to add caramel sauce to mine. This thing was HUGE! But I was not afraid to dig in.


My inner child took over my mind and went straight to it (before I could snap a picture for the blog of course, fail I know). Roughly half way through, I stopped to take a breath from stuffing my face and managed to take a quick photo before diving in for more. It was the perfect blend of simple ingredients and everything you want in an ice cream cone. It was a symphony of salty sweet dancing around my mouth, seriously the perfect balance of flavors. Nothing was too sweet or salty or chocolaty. It was perfect and the best decision I made all week was opting out of lunch and acting like a child.


The Jersey Boy was one of those things that just look me back to my childhood and warmed my heart. That’s the best part about discovering food trucks. The people in them have a passion for what they do and trucks like Cowtown, remind you that sometimes it’s okay to act your shoe size and not your age, and eat dessert for lunch. They were kind and welcoming and had huge smiles on their faces. They know the power of their sugar and how something so simple and perfect can make just about anyone happy. They are a pleasant break in the work week and are sure to put a smile on your face. I will definitely be back to try more from the Cowtown Creamery, I think the affogato is next on my list!

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