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Cambi Brown of "Good Day Sacramento" talks "Diamond Plate"!

"Diamond Plate" Featured on "Good Day Sacramento"!

Cambi Brown from "Good Day Sacramento" made her way to our home office this morning to show our little corner of the world what we are all about! Andres, the creator and lead developer of "Diamond Plate," chatted with Cambi about the food truck app and all of its perks! Check out what we have to offer with a clip from this morning’s show!



A few notes:

  • Huge shout-out to "Kado's Asian Grill" for coming in early this morning to be used as a backdrop for the segment, even though our schedules didn't quite work out in the end. "Kado's" serves Japanese/American/Hawaiian cuisine, like these "delectable-looking" Asian fusion nachos.
  • Featured on the segment was food truck "India Jones," which serves traditional Indian cuisine with a western twist. 

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