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Food Truck Wednesday - Thai Lemongrass Is So Fetch!

In honor of it also being “Mean Girls” day, we are just going to say it! Thai Lemongrass is so fetch!


Today we had our very first Featured Food Truck Wednesday here at the home office and we are off to a great start! Our truck for the week was Thai Lemongrass, owned and operated by Sammi and Jaz. These brave ladies took on our first event here at the business park, and we are so grateful for them taking a chance on us!


Let’s get down to business and talk food. Personally, when looking at a menu, I either REALLY know what I want, or I am the most indecisive person you’ve ever met (ask my boyfriend). Today was one of the indecisive days. Everything on their menu sounded so good, I really just couldn’t make up my mind, so I did my favorite thing to do when I don’t know what I want to eat: I told them to surprise me! This was the best thing I could have possibly decided, or not decided to do all day! Next thing I know, in my hands was a made-just-for-me sample platter of their three appetizer options! I was so excited to eat, I’m pretty sure I blacked out because I walked around with this food in my hands for a solid 5 minutes before digging in. I couldn’t help but run right upstairs to tell my coworkers the truck was here and open while showing off the plate they made me!


As I walked in the office, I just saw one head pop up after another and next thing I knew, everyone was standing around me to sneak a peak and take a whiff of the amazing scents coming from the tray in my hands. Then came the second hardest decision of my day, which item should I try first? I had an eggroll, chicken skewers, chicken wings and a small salad on my plate. I told my head to let me heart guide my hand and went for the egg roll. The first bite was perfect, it had the right amount of crunch and the right amount of veggies and chicken inside. I almost forgot to open the Lemongrass Sauce that the girls gave me for it, but I’m so glad I remembered it. Their sauce is the absolute perfect balance of spicy and sweet without being too much of either. It was so good, I could eat it every day.


Next, I decided I wanted to dive in to the wings. Typically, I don’t go for traditional wings, I’m more of a boneless girl because I’m lazy and don’t like sticky fingers. Well, the wings were worth the saucy finger tips! The flavor on them was unlike anything I’ve had before. They had a similar flavor to the Lemongrass Sauce but with a peanut flavor too. The wings were perfectly crispy and the sauce was just the right texture, not dripping everywhere and clinging to the wings which allowed the crushed peanuts to stick. The wings were gone before I knew it, and I found myself wanting more, forgetting that I still had chicken skewers and peanut sauce!


Not very exciting if you haven’t had it before, it’s chicken on a stick and peanut sauce, whoop-de-doo. If that’s how you feel, YOU ARE WRONG! This is easily one of my favorite foods to eat, it may not sound like much but all it takes is a little homemade peanut sauce to take chicken to an entirely different level. The chicken was tender and the peanut sauce had an amazing nutty, buttery flavor that made you keep wanting more.


Overall, I would highly recommend this food truck, 10/10 for sure! They cook their food to order, and their sauces are 110% on point. You can’t go wrong with anything you order, they even took the time to make some special vegetarian egg rolls for one of our employees! Sammi and Jaz are exactly what food trucks are about, they strive to make quality food to order, bond with their customers, and make sure everyone leave with a full tummy and a smile on their face!


So don’t be a mean girl! Be kind and put your heart into everything you do, just like Sammi and Jaz, and please, if you get the chance to try their food, do it! I promise they won’t disappoint!


Mean Girls: "Thai Lemongrass is so fetch!"
"Thai Lemongrass is so fetch!"


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Join us next Wednesday from 11am to 2pm for Ronnie's Italian Ice and Smoker's Wild BBQ. These two food trucks will be parked next to our office at 4090 Truxel Road in Natomas.

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