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Food Truck Wednesday - Featuring Ronnie's Gourmet Italian Ice and Smoker's Wild BBQ

As I sit at my desk this afternoon with a perfectly full tummy, I am so glad I didn’t have time for breakfast today! We had two amazing trucks at our office: Ronnie’s Italian Ice and Smoker’s Wild BBQ. Thanks to my boyfriend’s help at lunch, I got to taste just about everything there was to offer.


On this featured Wednesday, I ordered two dishes from Smoker's and a dessert from Ronnie’s, hopped in the car and sped off to have lunch with my boyfriend because I couldn’t resist trying everything but couldn’t eat it all on my own. We took down a 2-meat plate that included tri-tip and chicken as well as an order of the pulled pork mac n’ cheese from Smokers, and then I had picked out a strawberry Gourmet Italian Ice with some fresh fruit for my boyfriend. It was a nice little lunch break together, but it was rather quiet due to the fact that we were blissfully enjoying our food.


Now, due to the fact that I am insane and have a ridiculous sweet tooth, I’m going to talk about dessert first. I was excited to have Ronnie’s come out because ice cream is probably one of my favorite things on this planet. Upon his arrival I quickly learned that ice cream was NOT what I was getting, but I can tell you that Ronnie did not disappoint. His Gourmet Italian Ice is amazing, and he also features a gelati option, which includes a smooth, creamy custard. Now most people think shaved ice, and they think snow cones. You need to throw that idea out the window, this stuff is so smooth and is jam packed with flavor! There are no syrups in sight, and Ronnie also offers fresh fruit toppings on all of his desserts.


Ronnie's Italian Ice: Strawberry flavor with strawberry and blueberry toppings.
Ronnie's Italian Ice: Strawberry flavor with strawberry, blueberry, grape, and lemon toppings.


With an average of 8 flavors at a time, there is something for everyone and I’m pretty sure I sampled them all. I am not a person who particularly cares if I’m eating something vegan, dairy, fat, gluten or cholesterol free; and if it wasn’t on the side of the truck, I never would have known that this product is all of those things. How Ronnie packs all this flavor into his dessert is beyond me, but you simply have to try it. He provides free samples to all of his customers, and as soon as the spoon goes in your mouth, the Gourmet Italian Ice touches your soul and makes you melt.


Just like every other girl who LOVESSS fall, I am a big fan of pumpkin spice when it is done right. In the end, I couldn’t resist and went back to Ronnie’s for a Pumpkin Spice Italian Ice with Gelati. It was better than a Frappuccino, or ice cream or most things pumpkin. The mix of the Gourmet Italian Ice with the gelati made it creamy and absolutely divine to eat. His product is the way to satisfy your deepest dessert craving without all the guilt.


Now we get to the BBQ. With a last-minute cancellation on our hands, the owner of Smoker’s Wild BBQ was quick to swoop in and save the day with this gem of a BBQ truck. I am so glad that they made it out, we couldn’t have had a better truck to pair with the Gourmet Italian Ice. But what makes this truck special? BBQ is an easy food to find and everyone has an opinion on it. Though I did not grow up eating much traditional BBQ, it has become one of my favorite foods to eat year-round. With this being the case, I have also tried a lot of it.


Sitting in the car, my boyfriend and I braced ourselves to dig in. As soon as we did it was like being slapped in the face with flavor. The mac n’ cheese was creamy and just the right amount of cheesy, and the pulled pork on top was tender, juicy and full of flavor. They load the mac up with green onions, sour cream and a healthy helping of their BBQ sauce. The sauce is something I would now like to keep as a staple in my own kitchen. It is sweet and tangy and is everything a BBQ sauce should be. Next, we dug into the tri-tip and pulled chicken. Both were slathered in BBQ sauce and both were delicious. The tri-tip was juicy and smoky; it was cooked perfectly just like the pork. It was the first thing gone off our plates.


I feel like pork and tri-tip are the two most prominent things that come to mind when you think of BBQ, but I want to take a moment to focus on their chicken. I love food, but I also try to love healthy food, so I eat a lot of chicken. My boyfriend HATES how much chicken we eat. It’s the easiest thing to overcook and dry out, but I have gotten the hang of cooking it well. Usually when if I order chicken from a BBQ place, I expect cooked meat globbed with BBQ sauce. I swear Smoker’s has used some voodoo magic to cook theirs. It is tender and juicy and has the MOST AMAZING smoky taste to it.  It is so much more than chicken with a sweet tangy sauce on it; I have never in my life had chicken with this much flavor. It was the ideal combination, from the BBQ sauce to the smoke in the meat. I could live off this chicken.


Smoker's Wild BBQ: Loaded Mac 'N' Cheese with pulled chicken, bbq sauce, sour cream, and green onions.
Smoker's Wild BBQ: Loaded Mac 'N' Cheese with pulled chicken, bbq sauce, sour cream, and green onions.


There is a reason Smoker’s is award-winning and has their own competition BBQ team! This truck has earned the right to never be doubted. Their website boasts a membership in the Kansas City Barbeque Society, a feature in Sacramento Magazine, a partnership with the Sacramento Kings and the new Golden 1 Center, AND a feature in the Raley’s Something Extra Magazine! This truck exceeds its reputation and will not leave you disappointed.


Today was one for the books. I could not have been happier with the food we had to offer our little community and the quality both trucks delivered. Seeing as it was only our second week featuring food trucks, we had an amazing turn out and these trucks brought their best. We are already being asked when they will return. It astounds me how many hidden gems there are in the form of food trucks in Sacramento. These are both ones that I have favorited on my Diamond Plate app and plan to visit again.


I want to give a HUGE thank you for the amazing experience to Ronnie’s Gourmet Italian Ice and Smoker’s Wild BBQ. It makes my inner foodie happy that we already have you both booked to come back.


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Join us next Wednesday, October 17th, from 11am to 2pm for Post Oak Barbecue. The food truck will be parked next to our office at 4090 Truxel Road in Natomas.

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