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Food Truck Wednesday - Featuring Post Oak BBQ and Daisy's Desserts

Another week, another Diamond Plate Wednesday. Food truck owners have to be some of the nicest people I have ever met, and I will never stop saying this. We had two trucks out at the office again this week, Post Oak BBQ and Cowtown Creamery’s sister truck, Daisy’s Desserts. Kind of crazy how we had BBQ and dessert two weeks in a row, but I heard absolutely no one complaining.


I was really intrigued this week having the same style food for lunch two weeks in a row, BBQ. It was a great opportunity to taste two amazing takes on the same style of cooking. Post Oak BBQ really brought their A-game this week. Their menu is pretty simple and straight forward, but their flavors were anything but. The truck has all your favorites: brisket, pulled pork, ribs, potato salad, mac n’ cheese and slaw. The trick here is their individual take on some classic items.


Being in my position, I get the pleasure of trying most of the food these trucks offer. So, I bought my plate and told them to just mess me up with a little bit of everything. When I was handed my box, I couldn’t believe just how heavy it was! I literally had a little bit of everything. I started with the peanut slaw because it really peaked my interest as something different. It was not at all what I imagined, but better. The slaw had the perfect subtle hint of peanuts, I am not a slaw girl and I loved it. The potato salad and mac n’ cheese were both really good as well; they had that “just like my mom used to make it” feel which is exactly what I expect from BBQ.


Post Oak BBQ: Ribs, pull pork, mac 'n' cheese, and peanut slaw
Post Oak BBQ: Ribs, pulled pork, mac 'n' cheese, and peanut slaw


With this BBQ box, I save the best for last, the meat! The pulled pork was first on the list, and it was so tasty. It was exactly what I wanted in pulled pork, and then I put the BBQ sauce on it. Man, oh man, I could swim in that sauce! Post Oak makes a beautiful sauce. It is slightly sweet but mostly embraces the smoky, hearty flavors that come to mind when you think of BBQ. I picked the bottle of sauce back up and drenched my plate in the stuff!


Just as I was about to dig into the brisket, I met a woman who was waiting for her food, and she began to tell me about her and her husband’s love for the brisket. As she spoke, my mouth began to water. They drove a solid 25 minutes to track this truck down just for the brisket! After one bite, I could see why. The smoked flavor was phenomenal, and it just fell apart. There was no need for a knife.


Soon after meeting this lovely, brisket driven woman of my own heart, I went back up to my desk, so I could give the ribs a real try. They were as long as my face, and the meat just came off the bone. Before I knew it, the bones were bare and my face was covered in BBQ sauce, but I didn’t care. As I made my way to our little kitchen area for some more paper towels, I was greeted by a table of happy coworkers, ALL 6 of them with a brisket sandwich of their own. The food was a hit, and they are at the top of my list for the next time I want some brisket!


Daisy's Sweets: This food truck is MASSIVE!
Daisy's Sweets: This food truck is MASSIVE!


Now I know I’ve don’t a spot on Cowtown Creamery before, but the Daisy’s Dessert truck is a completely different experience. It is literally the biggest truck I have seen; this thing is MASSIVE. If you want to see a truck with all the bells and whistles, this is it, complete with a scrolling LED sign and a giant cursive “Daisy’s” that pops up on top. The truck is a wonder to behold and a treasure trove for those like me who have a major soft spot for sweets. The truck boasts a long list of ice cream flavors, fresh mini doughnuts, multiple sundae options, frozen lemonade and more!


Of course, I asked to sample multiple ice cream flavors, and I simply had to have a mini doughnut. I also tried the frozen lemonade too. The seasonal/rotating flavors of pumpkin and huckleberry were both to die for. As previously mentioned, I am an absolute sucker for pumpkin anything and the huckleberry you just don’t see every often as a flavor. I recommend both!


Now you need little backstory. The owner of the Daisy’s truck recently acquired a kitchen where he has been working on some more elevated dessert options. You can see the development of this on their Facebook Page. Never in my life, did I think I would see strawberry shortcake or Crème brûlée on a truck like this. I should have known better. Oh, and they have home made peanut brittle…. how can this get any more extravagant?


Well sadly I missed out on the shortcake, but I did get to try the other two. The peanut brittle echoed that down home, “just like my mom used to make it” feeling that you got from Post Oak. But the Crème brûlée, now that was something you would expect from a fancy French restaurant. The custard wasn’t too sweet, and had the perfect smooth texture. Each one was hand torched (you could see it happening through the pickup window) and required a nice crack of your spoon to break through, just as it should.  This truck really is a wonder from the basics to the wonders of the dessert world. There is truly something for everyone.


Thank you so much to both of these trucks for coming to our little corner of Sacramento to feed us. It is truly a pleasure to have someone new here every week!



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Join us next Wednesday, October 24th, from 11am to 2pm for Cousins Maine Lobster. The food truck will be parked next to our office at 4090 Truxel Road in Natomas.

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