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Food Truck Wednesday - Featuring Cousins Maine Lobster

Just about everyone knows that some of the best lobster comes from Maine. Well this week’s truck came with not only incredible food but an incredible story. Yesterday, we learned that Cousins Maine Lobster has blown up over the last four years, and many people know of them because of their success on the show Shark Tank. I was so amazed by their product, and there was something about the truck that made me want to learn more.


A little background – Normally, I take to the internet to find a truck to book and simply focus on their menu; but once in a while, I find a truck that I just need to know more about. Reading the background on this truck is kind of astounding. Two cousins decided to reconnect in life and began talking about business ventures and food trucks. From there they recognized the boom of the food truck industry in Los Angeles, decided to start a truck that features the food they grew up on, and four years ago they opened their first truck. That’s long story short, of course. Now the cousins have 20 trucks in 13 cities and have been featured a staggering amount of times by various organizations and media. Their roots to their family are deep, and they take pride in their employees, franchise owners and most importantly, the quality of their food. All of the lobster comes from their hometown in Maine, where they support the community and the people they grew up in by partnering with eight wharfs along the Maine coastline.


This is what I love most about food trucks. You find some amazing stories of people who strive for quality and community just like Cousins Maine Lobster. My favorite part of their business model? They focus so much on their product, providing a “shore to door business”.


Now the important part: the food! Never did I imagine I would be eating LOBSTER from a FOOD TRUCK! I am here to tell you it is amazing and you HAVE to try it! I have never seen so much lobster outside of a fancy restaurant in my life. Pretty much everything on their menu you can get with lobster and everything was amazing. They have two styles of lobster rolls, grilled cheese, lobster bisque, lobster tacos, lobster ice cream, and the list goes on!


As usual, I was able to sample quite a few things on the menu. I have decided to focus on my three favorites; the grilled cheese, the Connecticut Roll and the lobster tacos.


Lobster grilled cheese is the perfect comfort food and this truck knows how to do it right. When you get your sandwich, it is cut in half just so you can see now much lobster and cheese is inside of it, and they do not skimp on either ingredient. At. All. The combination of the cheese and fresh lobster meat just hits the spot, and with a little old bay seasoning I sprinkled on top, it is the new thing I am going to be craving on a cold day.


Now among the line of people yesterday, while I was being indecisive as always, a couple people from the east coast spoke up and insisted that I try a lobster roll. I was told it is pretty much a national treasure of the East Coast, so I went for it with the Connecticut Roll. Boy oh boy was that roll packed with lobster meat. I couldn’t believe it! The lobster was warm and tender, covered in butter and lemon. My mouth watered with each bite. It was seriously lobster heaven on a roll.


Last but not least, I went back for a taco. I’ve had fish tacos and shrimp tacos but never a lobster taco. In my mind, it was something I had to try. This little taco packed a lobster punch just like every other item on the menu. With huge chunks of lobster, pico de gallo, and cilantro lime sauce on it, I couldn’t wait to take a bite! I threw a little old bay seasoning and Louisiana hot sauce on it too. This poor taco was gone in three bites because I just couldn’t get enough!


The quality this truck delivers is amazing and the line that came with it make my heart happy. You can tell that just like the cousins, these people care about their food, and what they are feeding you.


To track this truck and more, download Diamond Plate (iPhone / Android) and always remember, it’s as easy as Discover, Explore and Eat!


Next time, I think I’m going to try the lobster tots!

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