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Whether you’re craving your favorite taco truck during lunch or want to try something new with friends, Diamond Plate is your go-to food truck app for all occasions.

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The creators of Diamond Plate took the initiative to launch a local app for the Sacramento region to make finding your favorite food truck easier than ever. With the boom of the food truck industry hitting Sacramento over the last couple of years, it’s hard to pick a favorite let alone always be able to track them down. Some of the best trucks can be found in the most unlikely places, they are at community events, parked on a side street downtown, in a random business park or right in front of your doctor’s office.

How it works?

Diamond Plate is here to help make sure you know exactly when and where to make a dash for a dish to satisfy even your most intense craving. We cater to both Food Lovers and Food Truckers in the Sacramento Area, bringing ease to the exploration of new foods and the joy of finding them again and again.

Our app strives to keep things simple, providing a list of all active food trucks in the area arranged in order of proximity to your current location. The list will update in real time as the trucks log their location in the app and set how long they will remain there so you will know exactly what time to take your lunch or make you dinner plans.

Always up-to-date

There are so many things to do in Sacramento every day and now you can make your weekend plans based off of your favorite food truck! Diamond Plate comes with a complete calendar of events showing where each food truck will be.

If you are like us and can’t always decide what to do this weekend with your friends or family. Let Diamond Plate lend a hand by showing you what’s going on in your part of town, you’re likely to find the perfect event and the perfect plate of food to go with it.

Every Monday, we will list the schedule for the upcoming work week, and on Friday the schedule for the weekend. Our goal is to keep you as up to date as possible on Sacramento food trucks, including news, scheduling and events. For extra insight to satisfy your craving and discover more amazing food, you can also check out the Diamond Plate Blog. Highlights will be shared when each schedule is posted and we will feature a local food truck twice a week.

Join the conversation

You can find us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and even Pinterest! We want to know about your experience using the app and just how good the food was!

Who we are

Diamond Plate is a new project designed and developed by a group of food truck aficionados at SymSoft Solutions, a local design and technology firm based in Natomas. SymSoft specializes in location-based solutions for small businesses and startups, as well as solutions for enterprise and governments.