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Weekly Highlights: Pumpkin Nights at the Gold County Fairgrounds
Weekly Highlights
Weekly Highlights: Pumpkin Nights Brings Halloween Fun to Gold County Fairgrounds

The Hallo-weekend has passed and life once again begins to wind down with just under a month until the next holiday rolls around. As the weather begins to cool, the food trucks become the easiest to find at lunch time it seems.


Cousins Maine Lobster: Lobster Sandwich
Food Truck Wednesday
Food Truck Wednesday - Featuring Cousins Maine Lobster

Just about everyone knows that some of the best lobster comes from Maine. Well this week’s truck came with not only incredible food but an incredible story. Yesterday, we learned that Cousins Maine Lobster has blown up over the last four years, and many people know of them because of their success on the show Shark Tank. I was so amazed by their product, and there was something about the truck that made me want to learn more.


Weekly Highlights: A Spook-Tastic Week in store for Sacramento Food Trucks
Weekly Highlights
Weekly Highlight: A Spook-Tastic Week in store for Sacramento Food Trucks

Halloween is coming and we are in for a spook-tastic week! With the usual lunch time suspects comes the weekend of ghouls and goblins because Halloween is on a Wednesday this year!


Post Oak BBQ: Brisket Sandwich
Food Truck Wednesday
Food Truck Wednesday - Featuring Post Oak BBQ and Daisy's Desserts

Another week, another Diamond Plate Wednesday. Food truck owners have to be some of the nicest people I have ever met, and I will never stop saying this. We had two trucks out at the office again this week, Post Oak BBQ and Cowtown Creamery’s sister truck, Daisy’s Desserts.

Weekly Highlights: Sacramento Food Trucks support Sac State's Homecoming and Downtown Chowdown!
Weekly Highlights
Weekly Highlights: Sacramento Food Trucks support Sac State's Homecoming and Downtown Chowdown!

What an amazing week in store for the Sacramento area! With Halloween just around the corner, fall is in full swing and it’s Homecoming season!


Ronnie's Italian Ice: Passion Fruit with Mango Gelati
Food Truck Wednesday
Food Truck Wednesday - Featuring Ronnie's Gourmet Italian Ice and Smoker's Wild BBQ

As I sit at my desk this afternoon with a perfectly full tummy, I am so glad I didn’t have time for breakfast today! We had two amazing trucks at our office: Ronnie’s Italian Ice and Smoker’s Wild BBQ. Thanks to my boyfriend’s help at lunch, I got to taste just about everything there was to offer.


Weekly Highlights: Smoker's Wild BBQ, Apple Hill, Gather Oak Park, and William Jessup University
Weekly Highlights
Fall Is Here: It's Time for Apple Hill, the Final Gather Oak Park, and Some Serious Food Truck Mania!

This week’s fall festivities are plentiful! With 30 lunch gatherings through the Sacramento area this week, there are so many chances to try something new!


Jaz and Sammi, owners of Thai Lemongrass food truck.
Food Truck Wednesday
Food Truck Wednesday - Thai Lemongrass Is So Fetch!

In honor of it also being “Mean Girls” day, we are just going to say it! Thai Lemongrass is so fetch!


Weekly Highlights: Fall Fest Beer & Wine Festival, Thai Lemongrass, Lady Bird, Sacramento Century
Weekly Highlights
Weekly Highlights - Featuring Diamond Plate Wednesday and Local Festivities for the Start of Fall

Fall is here! While the weather cools off and the leaves begin to change, the season for hay rides, pumpkin patches, and apple picking is upon us! Whether you’re feeling charitable or just want to enjoy some time with friends, there are a couple key events happening this week!


Cambi Brown of "Good Day Sacramento" talks "Diamond Plate"!
Company News
"Diamond Plate" Featured on "Good Day Sacramento"!

Cambi Brown from "Good Day Sacramento" made her way to our home office this morning to show our little corner of the world what we are all about! Andres, the creator and lead developer of "Diamond Plate," chatted with Cambi about the food truck app and all of its perks! Check out what we have to offer with a clip from this morning’s show!


"Jersey Boy" from Cowtown Creamery
Food Truck Outings
Cowtown Creamery Delivers an Ice Cream for the Ages

Every day we get up, go to work and come home. The days seem to blend together and before you know it, it’s September and the summer is gone. It’s the days you realize just how fast time is flying by that you feel the need to shake it up the most. I was having one of these days on Friday so a group from the office decided we needed to go out for lunch. We pulled up diamond plate and made the trek across Natomas because we discovered there were four food trucks posted up next to each other. We figured it was a good opportunity to shake things up!

Kado's Asian Grill
Company News
Sacramento Food Trucks & Diamond Plate - the easy way to satisfy a craving

Picture this, you are heading to a local concert but are running late and didn’t have time to grab food beforehand. You’re hoping there will be food at the venue because no one likes a rumbling stomach while you’re trying to enjoy a concert. You get there and there they are, a line of food trucks calling your name, each one with a delectable scent flowing through the air around it. You follow your eyes to the brightest green food truck you’ve ever seen, it’s called Kado’s Asian Grill.