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"Diamond Plate" Featured on "Good Day Sacramento"!

Cambi Brown from "Good Day Sacramento" made her way to our home office this morning to show our little corner of the world what we are all about! Andres, the creator and lead developer of "Diamond Plate," chatted with Cambi about the food truck app and all of its perks! Check out what we have to offer with a clip from this morning’s show!


Sacramento Food Trucks & Diamond Plate - the easy way to satisfy a craving

Picture this, you are heading to a local concert but are running late and didn’t have time to grab food beforehand. You’re hoping there will be food at the venue because no one likes a rumbling stomach while you’re trying to enjoy a concert. You get there and there they are, a line of food trucks calling your name, each one with a delectable scent flowing through the air around it. You follow your eyes to the brightest green food truck you’ve ever seen, it’s called Kado’s Asian Grill.

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